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tee for pipe fittings, pipe connectors.Used in main pipeline to branch pipe.Stainless steel tee is divided into equal diameter and reducing diameter, equal diameter tee's pipe end is the same size;The main pipe size of the reducing tee is the same, while the branch pipe size is smaller than the main pipe size.

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Wall Thickness:SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, STD, SCH40, SCH60, SCH80, SCH100 SCH120, SCH160, XS, XXS
Size1/2“ -48”(Dn15-Dn1200)
Surface:nature color, varnished, black painting, anti-rust oil etc.
Type:Equal/Straight tee,reduced tee,Y tee,lateral tee,Barred tee,split tee,tee cross
MODEL:1.Tee(Straight and Reducing)     2.180 DEG Return
Connectionbevel end/BE/buttweld
A Tee is a pipe fitting which is shaped like a "T" and has two outlets at 90° to the single inlet connection.
Tees are generally used to combine or split a fluid flow.
Straight Tees have inlets and outlets of the same size.
Reducing Tees have inlets and outlets of differing sizes, the smaller one typically being at 90 degrees to the two lager ones.

Carbon Steel Buttweld
Carbon Steel Buttweld Tees conform to ASTM A234.
Both straight and reducing Carbon Steel Buttweld Tees are stocked.
Straight Tees are available in sizes from 1" to 20".
Reducing Tees are available in sizes from (1.50" X 1.00") to (12" X 10").

Stainless Buttweld
Stainless Buttweld Tees conform to ASTM A403.
Stocked in sizes from 1.50" to 6".
Both standard (STD) and schedule 10 are stocked.
Stainless Buttweld Tees are available in grades 304L and 316L (L=low carbon).