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S32750 Stainless steel pipe

S32750 Stainless steel pipe
Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long round steel, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrument and other industrial pipeline and mechanical structural parts.In addition, in the bending, torsional strength is the same, the weight is relatively light, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures.It is also commonly used as furniture, kitchenware, etc.

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Mechanical Property
Tensile Strength(MPa)Yeild Strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Hardness(HV)

Chemical Composition(%)

Resistance to corrosion

1. The corrosion resistance

The high chromium and molybdenum content of SAF 2507 makes it have strong resistance to organic acids such as formic acid and acetic acid. SAF2507 alloy also has strong corrosion resistance to inorganic acids, especially those containing chloride.

SAF2507 is more resistant to dilute sulphuric acid mixed with chloride ions than 904L, an austenitic alloy designed to resist pure sulphuric acid corrosion.

Grade 316L is not intended for use in hydrochloric acid environments where it may be subject to local or global corrosion. SAF2507 can be used in diluted hydrochloric acid environment and has strong resistance to spot damage and crack corrosion.

2. Intergranular corrosion

The low carbon content of SAF 2507 greatly reduces the risk of carbide precipitation in the intergranular during heat treatment, and therefore, the alloy has a strong resistance to carbide-related intergranular corrosion.

3. Stress corrosion cracking

The compound structure of SAF 2507 makes it have strong resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Due to its high alloy content,SAF 2507 has better corrosion resistance and strength than 2205.

Cracks are almost inevitable in construction and the like, making stainless steel more vulnerable to corrosion in a chlorinated environment. SAF 2507 is highly resistant to crack corrosion. Isocorrosion curve of SAF 2507 in sulphuric acid containing 2000ppm chloride ions 0.1mm /year; The isocorrosion curve in hydrochloric acid was 0.1 mm/year.

Mechanical properties :SAF 2507 has high compressive strength, impact strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. These properties are applicable to many structural parts and mechanical parts. SAF 2507 has a high impact strength and is not suitable for long-term exposure to temperatures higher than 570°F, which may weaken its toughness. Tensile strength: σb≥730Mpa; Elongation: δ≥20%

Welding material: ER2594 wire, E2594 electrode

Applications: Pulp and paper industry, seawater desalination, flue gas purification, heat exchanger, chemical liquid cargo ship pipeline system, seawater system, etc.


SurfaceCharacteristicSummary of Manufacturing MethodApplication
NO.1Silvery white
Hot rolled to specified thicknessDo not need to have a glossy surface use
NO.2DSilvery whiteAfter cold rolling, heat treatment and pickling are carried outGeneral material, deep material
NO.2BGloss is stronger than No.2DAfter No.2D treatment, the final light cold rolling is carried out through the polishing rollerThe general material
BAAs bright as a sixpenceNo standard, but usually a bright annealed surface with high reflectivity.Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.3Rough lappingGrind with 100~200# (unit) strop tapeBuilding materials, kitchen utensils
NO.4Intermediate grindingPolished surface obtained by grinding with 150~180# strop abrasive tapeBuilding materials, kitchen utensils
NO.240Fine lappingGrinding with 240# strop abrasive tapekitchenware
NO.320Very fine grindingGrinding was carried out with 320# strop abrasive tapekitchenware
NO.400The luster is close to BAUse 400# polishing wheel to grindGeneral timber, building timber, kitchen appliances
HLHairline grindingSuitable particle material for hair stripe grinding (150~240#) with many grainsBuilding, construction material
NO.7It's close to mirror grindingUse a 600# rotary polishing wheel to grindFor art or decoration
NO.8Mirror ultrafinishThe mirror is ground with a polishing wheelReflector, for decoration


National Standards:
A240 - UNS S327501.4410-x2 Cr Ni MoN 25.7.4Z3 CN 25.06 Az1.4410, ASME SA-240

DescriptionS32750 Stainless steel pipe
Process MethodCold Rolled Hot Rolled
SizeNormal size:Outer diameter =  12.7-600mm;Thickness = 0.8-20 mm;Length = 6 -12m.Or as customer' s request
StandardsASTM / ASME, GB, DIN, JIS, EN, etc.
ApplicationSurgical instruments,Water and sewage treatment,Sensor pipe,etc.
Packing1.with plastic cap to protect both ends
2.plastic bag wrapped outside the pipe
3.bundles to be covered by polythene & strapped securely .
4.if require ,then pack into wooden box.